Manufacturing of special wires at the Rudolf Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik

With modern facilities and a continuous production control, the parent company Rudolf Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik is able to manufacture your products as reliably as possible, on schedule and at an attractive price.

For the surface treatment, we have a fully automatic and computerised pickling line at our disposal. The coating of the wires is monitored and controlled via a permanent bath inspection.

Drawing machines with a tensile force of up to 25 t enable us to supply wire in the tightest tolerances and in various ring configurations, depending on customer requirements. With a coil press at the Rudolf Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik, we can deliver coils of up to 4 tons.

The heat treatment is carried out by a high-convection bell-type annealing furnace. This facility assures an ideal temperature distribution and a pure annealing atmosphere.

Through careful quality and production monitoring, the Rudolf Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik meets the highest demands in the production of special wires.